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  •   Outdoor or Zoom Youth Group & meet ups Wednesdays and Thursdays

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  • Activities & BBQ/ Corfe Camp: Saturday, 12th June

  • Residential Trip in the Lake District: 1st to 5th August

Susannah & Didi at start 14 April 2021.w

'Seahorse' Sailing Fundraiser for SWAY

Susannah and Didi who both live in South Wight own a small sailing boat called Seahorse, which is a 26’ long Contessa built in 1969.  They have sailed the boat together in Yarmouth and the Solent but decided they would like to undertake the adventure of sailing around Britain.  


The journey is approximately 2000 miles and the boat goes around 4 knots (approx 4 nautical miles an hour) so allowing for bad weather holdups they anticipate a journey time of 3 months give or take.  They set off on April 14th with a blessing from Reverend Jackie Maw and a teddy called Billy from Brighstone School for company.


They have chosen to raise funds for SWAY because they think it is a  great charity doing motivational work for the young people of South Wight.  They are asking visitors to their site www.Seahorse184.com to donate via https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/seahorse-184.  

Susannah & Didi in Seahorse sailing 1.jp
SWAY Covid 19 Update 2021

Dear All,

The announcement of another lockdown means a lot of us may be facing anxiety, fear and uncertainty: about our health, education or job security.

Most of our face to face sessions at SWAY will have to pause, change or move online (keep an eye out on for posts/emails with up to date information on those), but SWAY is still here.

We're here to build community.
We're here to support each other's mental health and wellbeing
We're here to connect friends and neighbours.
We're here to help each other get active

We'd love to hear from you - if you have any ideas or want to get involved, if you feel you need support, just want to talk or if there's something we can help you with. Just get in touch!


Best Wishes,


2020 Annual Report

SWAY Feedback Questionnaire

It would be amazing if you could take 3 minutes to complete the online SWAY Questionnaire to feedback your experiences with SWAY. All feedback can be given anonymously.

We will be able to use your feedback to build on SWAY's work. Your answers will also provide invaluable evidence to support SWAY's funding applications in the coming year.

Please click on the link below.




Thank you for your time: your feedback is important to us.

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Easter activities on the water at Corf Camp


Geocaching Challenge 2021

horse steps.jpg

Triathlon SWAY Challenge during February:

read a Bible verse, write a journal entry and 10000 steps each day. Congratulations to all who took part. Certificates and Amazon vouchers have been awarded.

Ed Curry photo.jpg

Box Project Cooking Together on Zoom: The winner of the best photo of a Healthy Korma was awarded to Ed: Congratulations.

Box Project Cooking & Crafts fun on-line

Box Project door step delivery of materials or ingredients ready for the online family activity.


Fire Pit Evenings

Mountain Biking

The winning geocache team 2020:

Max, Caleb and Eleanor

at Limerstone Down.

Hike at Home Challenge 

The Young People and Friends of SWAY climbed England's tallest mountain from home.

A massive THANK YOU for raising £3482 for SWAY and Isle of Wight Foodbank.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – about our online youth work and link for our new Online Contact Permission Form is available on our Events Page 

Hi everyone, during this season of being unable to meet in groups and see you face to face, our youth work has moved online.

Please follow us on social media, Facebook and Instagram (Southwightyouth). Send us a message or email us on swayoffice1@gmail.com

Parents – We want to know if you’re happy for us to contact your children through messaging, online video calls and social media.  If so, please could you complete the SWAY Contact Permission Form, click on the Video image button below.



Our aim is to give 'Hope and Focus' for the youth and families of South Wight. This encapsulates what we do and are as SWAY. We are passionate about getting young people together, giving them opportunities to grow, work, play and fulfil their potential.


We believe young peoples’ lives can be transformed regardless of their background or circumstances. Our desire is to meet young people where they are, accept them as they are, and to provide events and groups that will build up self-confidence, improve self-worth and empower them to discover their own potential.