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SWAY is a registered charity since 2014 that actively reaches out to young people across the South Wight from Whitwell to Brook. Supported by Parish Councils and local churches SWAY is faith-based but not faith biased.  We employ a full time Project Lead Youth Worker, part-time Youth Worker and a part time Youth and Family Worker. 


SWAY aims to give Hope and Focus to the youth and families of South Wight. We seek to do this through:-

  • Groups, special events, weekends, residentials, volunteering and the fostering of positive relationships and self esteem.

  • Opportunities for work experience with our social enterprise.

  • Support and mentoring young people and their families. 


Our aim is to give 'Hope and Focus' for the youth and families of South Wight. This encapsulates what we do and are as SWAY. We are passionate about getting young people together, giving them opportunities to grow, work, play and fulfil their potential.


We believe young peoples’ lives can be transformed regardless of their background or circumstances. Our desire is to meet young people where they are, accept them as they are, and to provide events and groups that will build up self-confidence, improve self-worth and empower them to discover their own potential.

SWAY Enterprise Ltd

Our social enterprise aims to provide young people with work experience. Profits made by SWAY enterprise will go towards SWAY Youth and Families work to support their activities and events. SWAY enterprise offers young people and local adults not in education, employment or training, first-hand experience of working in an island business around a national qualification called Passport4Independence(P4i)


The Youth and Family work provides support and guidance to families; offering practical help and emotional support to families experiencing short or long-term difficulties empowering them to address various challenges.  

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